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Tapioca Couscous

Dessert made of tapioca, sweetened condensed milk and coconut.
Tapioca Couscous


1 cuptapioca flour (not the pudding mix)
4 cupsboiled milk (and then cooled down to room temperature)
1 small bottlecoconut milk
1 cansweetened condensed milk
1 cupshredded coconut (preferably from a fresh coconut)
dash of salt


Combine milk, coconut milk and salt, add the tapioca, and bring mixture to the refrigerator. Let it soak for 12 (twelve) hours. Occasionally stir mixture to avoid coagulation.

Right before serving, pour mixture in a rectangular Pyrex, then sprinkle with the shredded coconut and top with the sweetened condensed milk spreading it all over evenly.

Tip: You can probably find the plain tapioca flour at the International Farmers' Market in your area.