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Tomato Soup

Creamy soup with its flavor enhanced with crème fraîche and basil.
Tomato Soup


500 g (1 lb)tomatoes
2 smallonions
1 clovegarlic
1 leafbay laurel
2 tablespoonsoil
1 tablespoonall-purpose seasoning salt (Maggi, Knorr, etc.)
150 g (5 oz)crème fraîche
500 ml (1/2 cup)water
pepper, basil, salt and sugar


Chop onions and garlic and sauté in oil. Add the peeled, diced tomatoes (you can dip the tomatoes in hot water for just one minute to make peeling easier). Now add the fresh bay laurel leaf, pepper, salt, basil (use preferably fresh leaves), a dash of sugar and the dissolved seasoning salt (use just a little water to dissolve it). Let it cook for ten minutes. Remove from heat, also remove the bay laurel leaf and then pour soup in an electrical blender and blend well.

Fill serving bowls with soup and top each one with a small portion of crème fraîche.

NOTE: Crème fraîche is a thickened cream with light sour taste. It might be hard for some folks to find it in certain areas but its preparation is very easy if you want to make your own. Just add 2 tablespoons buttermilk to 1 cup whipping cream, stir well, cover, and put it aside for 24 hours. Stir well again, cover, and then bring it to the refrigerator before using. You can keep unused portions in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.